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Agenda, Speakers & Case Studies
The European Cultural, Medical, and Sports Tourism Development Summit will address the
challenges facing national planners, tourist operators and resort managers looking to
maintain or increase their capabilities to attract tourists from an increasingly globalised
market including:

  • Becoming internationally recognised as a travel destination centre of excellence.
  • Destination management & marketing.
  • Congress/Conference management and MICE.
  • Developing the creative economy and collaborative tourism systems.
  • Archaeological site management, development and promotion.
  • National heritage and intangible cultural heritage promotion.
  • Urban and regional planning to support tourism traffic and projects.
  • Tourism policy development, marketing and national strategy.
  • Inter-organizational dynamics (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, strategic
    alliances, co-operative strategies, etc.) in the tourism sector.
  • Co-ordination and management of international and local tourism and mitigating
    seasonal risk.
  • Evaluation of Airbnb and the growing challenge (and opportunities) disruptive
    technologies pose to the traditional travel and hospitality industry.
  • Regional and EU regulatory changes affecting the tourism sector.
  • Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism development.
  • Efficient/renewable energy utilisation.
  • Leveraging IOT to deliver enhanced visibility and arrivals.
  • Managing and improving air transportation and connectivity.

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details please write to
Medical Tourism in Europe is growing rapidly while more locations look to attract medical tourists through new
initiatives while leverage existing infrastructure and local expertise.

The global medical tourism market was valued at USD 16,761 million, and it is expected to reach USD
27,247.6 million by 2024.
The factors associated with the growth of the market include higher treatment cost in
developed countries, availability of the latest medical technologies, growing compliance on international quality
standards, high quality of service, health insurance portability, and advertising and marketing of the medical tourism.
2019 Speakers & Content/Advisory Board Members included:

  • Elie Milky, Vice President for Business Development, Radisson Hotel Group
  • Prof. Konstantinos Kouskoukis, Prof. of Dermatology - President of the Hellenic
    Academy of Thermal Medicine, & President  Hellenic Health Tourism Association
  • Elham El Mongy, Head of Museums' Sector, Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
  • Ilaria, Giannico, Secretary General, EU Union of Private Hospitals
  • Prof. Kostantinos Kouskoukis, President, Greek Health Tourism
  • Michael De Jongh, Chief Commercial Officer, AVVIO
  • Dr. Dimitris Kavakas, Executive Managing Director, Redia IVF Travel
  • Lutz Lingwitz, President, German Medical Wellness Association
  • Dr. Iva Bahunek, CEO, Croatian Association of Hoteliers
  • Robin Ali, Head of Practice, Consilient
  • Zacharias Ioannides, Director General, Cyprus Hotel Association
  • Prof. Inge Kormelink, Head of International Strategies & , Policies, IVF Spain
  • Daniel Shaw, International Clinic, Ambassador, Global Clinic Rating
  • Andrew Coutts, Managing Director, European Fertility Network
  • Ivana Neskovic, Regional Accounts,Tourism Consumer Insights, STR
  • Mark Smith, Head Of Business Development, Simplexity Travel Management
  • Dr. Simon Moore, CEO, Innovation Bubble
  • Dr. Marlen Bakalli, Industrial Development Director, UN Industrial Development
  • Kedar Dani, VP and Head of Strategic Accounts, UiPath
  • Joe Greaney, Director of WESTBIC, EU Business Innovation Centre (Ireland)
  • Arturo Lavalle, Director of Research & Development, Università degli Studi
    Guglielmo Marconi*
  • Dr. Khaled El Saadany, Executive Manager of Grants & Innovation & Technology  
    Transfer Center, Alexandria University*
  • Prof. Klaus Haenszgen, Faculty of Computer Science, Mathematics & Natural
    Sciences, HTWK Leipzig* (University of Applied Sciences, Economics and Culture -
Keynote Topics (Main Conference Day Wednesday 8th May 9:00am - 5:00pm)
Welcome to the
European Cultural, Medical & Sports Tourism Development Summit
Wednesday the 26th - 27th of May 2021 | St Raphael Resort & Marina, Limassol - CYPRUS
Creating / Maintaining a Competitive Edge as a Preferred
Global Tourism Destination
  • Regional performance and Cyprus consecutive record breaking trajectory in
    tourism arrivals and revenues.
  • The main elements behind this success.
  • Incorporating the development of medical tourism in the 2014-2020 European
    Programme for Smart Expertise
  • Increasing interest of investors into the acquisition of real estate assets.
  • The way forward with an air of justified optimism.

Speaker:  Zacharias Ioannides, Director General,  Cyprus Hotel Association
Investing & Developing New Growth Sectors - Building New
Health Tourism Services While Leveraging National USPs
Speaker:  Prof. Konstantinos Kouskoukis, President of the Hellenic Academy of
Thermal Medicine, & President,
Hellenic Health Tourism Association
Leveraging unique natural resources and offering a new and highly beneficial
healthcare services to the medical tourism sector can prove to inject new investments
and re-invigorate existing infrastructure and stabilise seasonal risk. In this sessions
Professor Konstantinos Kouskounis will present the progress of developing a new
medical tourism services sector in Greece.
European Hotel Market Performance Update Opportunities &
Challenges for Leisure, Medical, Cultural & Sports Tourism
Destinations and Investors
  • Evaluation of European hotel performance overall: The cities have seen the
    fastest occupancy growth in recent years
  • How European hotel demand and supply track against other world regions
  • Discussion of hotel performance in European destinations through the lens of
    medical, cultural and sports tourism: How have these tourism areas contributed
    to drive hotel performance growth for destinations?
  • Understanding global travellers and their relationship with destinations
  • How  medical, cultural and sports tourism raise the profile of destinations and
    propensity to revisit
Speaker:  Ivana Neskovic, Regional Accounts, Tourism Consumer Insights, STR
The Future of Payments & Money | How Financial Institutions, Banks &
Banking Services Can Keep Pace with Digital Disruption by FinTech
  • Moving towards a cashless society; who will benefit from the transition and what
    will the consequences be?
  • The trends from Scandinavian FinTech; how Northern Europe sees the future of
    money and how FinTech can will connect the world.
  • What should banks do if they still want to remain in business.
Speaker: Jack Nikogosian, CEO, ARYZE | Denmark
Jack Nikogosian is a Danish blockchain expert with a  great insight in terms of trends
within cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, digital payments and tokenisation Jack
has the unique skill of being able to combine new technologies.
Future Centres and Sectors of Economic Growth and Decline |
& Impacts of Brexit & External Instability on Industry
Confirmed Speaker: Dr. Savvas Savouri, Chief Economist, Tosca Fund

Dr. Savvas Savouri is Chief Economist for Toscafund Asset Management. Previously
Dr. Savouri worked for the capital markets divisions of Lazard, Credit Lyonnais, and
Commerzbank, having started his career with ABN AMRO, in the capacity of head of
quantitative finance. He has also taught extensively at the London School of
Economics, and the University of Woolwich, as well as at Oxford and Moscow
Universities. He has authored various academic papers published in peer-reviewed
journals, including one authored alongside a recent Nobel Prize winner.
  • The dynamics within the GCC a market with a focus on the two largest
    economies - UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Overview of the thriving yet volatile real estate, education and healthcare
    sectors as the drivers to the economy.
  • The challenges and opportunities within these sectors and reflect on ways that
    value can be extracted in the current economic climate.
  • Ways of collaboration between EMEA and Cyprus and partnership prospects.
  • Futuristic evolution of these sectors and what to expect in the coming years.

Speaker: Basem Abu Dagga, CEO, Aster Global Partners, UAE
Investment Strategy and Execution in Real Estate, Education
and Healthcare

Building a Diversified Portfolio of Hotel, Resorts and Serviced Apartments to Cater
to Leisure, Corporate, Medical, Sports and MICE Tourism
  • Strategies in place to mitigate seasonal and cyclical risks
  • Dealing with disruptive trends in the likes of Airbnb and OTA’s
  • Social media along with advertising and marketing in the digital age
  • A diversified brand offering targeting guest segments across the spectrum
  • Alongside the guest, we also have owners/investors/partners in mind along with
    tourism authorities, lenders and hotel advisors.
Speaker : Elie Milky, Vice President Business Development, Radisson Hotel Group
Gala Dinner | All ECMS Tourism & EMEA Economic Forum Delegates | 27th June