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"An excellent opportunity for tourism organisations, operators, ministries, planners
and resort managers for guidance on developing their tourist services and
promoting them effectively to their target markets within the global economy"

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Thanks to globalization, decreasing costs of transportation, introduction of new ICT
capabilities and general improvement of personal security and rights for travellers, tourism
has experienced continued expansion and diversification, becoming one of the largest and
fastest-growing economic sectors in the world. International tourist arrivals have recorded a
virtually uninterrupted increase: from 277 million in 1980 and approaching 1500 million
currently. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in its most updated long-
term outlook of future tourism trends (Tourism Towards 2030) estimates that international
arrivals worldwide are expected to reach nearly 1.8 billion by the year 2030 (an increase by
3.3% a year on average from 2018 to 2030).

Despite the rise however, tourism destinations are facing increasing competition, managerial
challenges while dealing with a turbulent and fast changing environment. The evolution of
the sector has also diversified the types of services available to tourist. Far from simply
leveraging on their traditional geographical and cultural attractions, countries now offer
advanced medical treatments, wellbeing retreats, and intensive sports training resorts. This
development however has placed ever increasing pressures on operators, resort owners
and national ministries trying to co-ordinate their national marketing strategy, infrastructure
spending and international travel connections.

The European Cultural, Medical, and Sports Tourism Development Summit will address the
challenges facing national planners, tourist operators and resort managers looking to
maintain or increase their capabilities to attract tourists from an increasingly globalised

Topics covered at the summit include:

  • Cultural, medical and sports tourism and development
  • Destination management & marketing
  • Congress/Conference management and MICE
  • Air transportation management
  • Developing the creative economy and collaboration tourism systems
  • Archaeological site management, development and promotion
  • National heritage and intangible cultural heritage promotion
  • Urban and regional planning to support tourism traffic and projects
  • Tourism policy development and national strategy
  • Inter-organizational dynamics (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, strategic
    alliances, cooperative strategies, etc.) in the tourism sector
  • Tourism marketing
  • Co-ordination and management of international and local tourism and mitigating
    seasonal risk
  • Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism development
  • Efficient/renewable energy utilisation
  • Leveraging IOT to deliver enhanced visibility and tourists
  • Managing and improving air transportation and connectivity

The summit management team is currently finalising the speaker panel. For any speaking,
sponsorship, exhibition or attendance inquiries please email
Welcome to the
European Cultural, Medical & Sports Tourism Development Summit
26th - 28th May 2021 | St Raphael Resort & Marina, Limassol - CYPRUS