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"Improving Higher Educational Teaching Processes and Methods, Student
Outcomes, Marketing and Digital Capabilities."   |    For attendance enquiries please email :
European Higher Education Systems Development
& Organisational Digital Transformation Summit

For further agenda, attendance, speaking  or sponsorship details please write to
Overseas Student Retention and How Informal Network Support Structures for
International Students Can Be Utilised in Western Higher Education Institutions |
Case Study Canada
  • Why Indian students main destination for international education is Canada.
  • Comparison between Indian and Canadian higher education systems.
  • Canadian education focus on skills, knowledge, abilities, training, talent, and
    character to create job opportunities after graduation.
  • How informal networks for international Indian students is critical in dealing with
    homesickness, weather, family and societal pressure, high expectations, work,
    culture, low motivation, becoming independent and following tight financial budgets.
  • How the management of informal networks have been utilised by Canadian higher
    educations and the systems in place to manage the gradual mindset change
    necessary to move their overseas students beyond their initial comfort zone.
Amna Khaliq, Business Management Instructor, Northern Lights College Canada*
Agenda Key Themes | Previously Included:
(Keynotes also apply to EMEA Digital Transformation Sessions)
17:00 | Conference Sessions Close | (& Optional Dinner | 19:15 - 01:00 | 27th May)
Keynote Session: Education 4.0 - The Transformation of Learning, Teaching and
Assessment by Empowering Stakeholders Through ‘Smart’ Experiences
  • Education 4.0 defined
  • Developing augmented reality tools for feedback
  • Providing continuous formative and summative assessment monitoring and evaluation
  • Implementing learner biometrics evaluation for personalised learning experiences
  • Integrating learning analytics in teaching practices
Speaker: Prof. Georgios Dafoulas, Director of Programmes & Progamme Leader - Computer
Science Department, Faculty of Science & Technology,
Middlesex University*
Keynote Session: Higher Education System Development in the Digital Age - Training
the Trainers: Overcoming the Challenge for the Evolution of HE Systems in the
Digital Age
  • Countering the soft skills gap and having truly t-shaped computer science graduates
    through the use of University – Industry collaborations.
  • How to leverage active learning to promote a student-centered environment.
  • How to effectively address the educational challenges of the rapid and unpredictable
    technological advances.
Speaker: Prof. Elpida Keravnou-Papailio, Professor and Department Chair, Head of the
Computer Science Department,
Cyprus University of Technology*
Keynote Session: Effective Project Management Guidelines and Best Practices for
Students Utilising New Digital Tools and Capabilities
Speaker: Dr.  Arturo Lavalle, Head of the Research & Development, Università degli Studi
“Guglielmo Marconi” *
Currently working at the Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” as Head of the Research
& Development Department, he is actively involved in the process of internationalization of
the university and in the management of national and international research projects. He is
also Head of the R&D Office at the interuniversity consortium For.Com. and is lastly
focusing on strengthening the synergy between academia and enterprises by working on
analysing and creating the new competencies required by digital transformation and
Industry 4.0 revolution. He is also concerned with the promotion and advance of the
Association GUIDE – Global Universities in Distance Education.
Regional Investment Strategy and Execution in Education and Healthcare
Infrastructure & Systems
  • The market dynamics within the GCC economies.
  • Overview of the thriving yet volatile real estate, education and healthcare sectors as
    the drivers to the economy.
  • The challenges and opportunities within these sectors and reflect on ways that value
    can be extracted in the current economic climate.
  • Ways of collaboration between GCC and Europe and partnership prospects.
  • Futuristic evolution of these sectors and what to expect in the coming years.
Speaker: Basem Abu Dagga, CEO, Aster Global Partners, UAE *
Basem has over 20 years raising capital, setting up JVs, developing and executing deals in
the Education, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Food & Real Estate.sectors.

General Conference Sessions Timings (Wednesday 26th & Thursday 28th of May)
08:30 | Registration Desk Opening
09:00 | Conference Sessions Start | Lunch 13:00 - 14:00 | 2 Coffee Breaks Included
17:00 | Conference Sessions End | Lunch 13:00 - 14:00 | 2 Coffee Breaks Included & Gala Dinner 27th May)
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Cyprus Local Tours & Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Monday 8th June | International & Local Guest Cocktail Reception
Tuesday 9th June | St Raphael Resort & Marina - Limassol
Wednesday the 10th & Thursday 11th of June | St Raphael Resort - Limassol
Friday | 12th June
Thursday | 11th of June | St Raphael Resort - Limassol
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European Higher Education Systems Development Summit | Access Website  
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Cyprus International Businesses Association Welcome Drink Reception
20:00 | Four Seasons Hotel Limassol - CIBA Members & Conference Attendees
As Part of the 2020 EMEA Economic Forum, Higher Education System Development Summit
Delegates Will Also Have Access to Another 5 Industry-Specific Sector Conferences Co-Located
at the Event Venue Including as Follows:
Developing Mechanisms to Boost Support for Start-Ups and Early-Stage

Inv. Speaker: Joe Greaney, President Emeritus EBN, the European Business and
Innovation Centre
Ireland & former Director, WestBIC, Ireland*

Joe Greaney is currently the President of EBN and Chair of the Association of EU BICs
in Ireland. Joe is a regular policy contributor at both EU and National level on many
aspects of Applied Innovation Support Services in the SME market and delivers
technical support in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation `space` outside of the EU. His
areas of expertise include Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Private Equity Start-up Capital,
Transnational Innovation Transfer, the Innovation Process in the SME market and the
relevant institutional frameworks. Formerly he was the Director of WESTBIC, the long-
established EU Business Innovation Centre for Ireland's BMW Region.
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