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The 2020 EMEA Digital Transformation Summit is scheduled to take place at the
St Raphael Hotel in Limassol - Cyprus.
Our aim is to ensure that all international
delegates and participants are conveniently accommodated within the hotel
venue/location therefore we recommend that participants book early to make their stay
as convenient and productive as possible.

The EMEA Digital Transformation Summit 2020 Venue
St Raphael Hotel & Marina - Limassol | Cyprus | 10th -11th June 2020 |   |    For attendance enquiries please email :

For further agenda, attendance, speaking  or sponsorship details
please write to
Hotels that can be utilised by summit participants near the Summit Venue

The St Raphael Hotel (event venue)

Other Hotels that can be utilised include:

The Amathus Hotel (event venue)

The Grand Resort Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel
Conference & Exhibition  | 10th - 11th June 2020  | St Raphael Hotel |  Limassol  | CYPRUS