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Welcome to the
EMEA Digital Transformation 2020 Summit Agenda
Is Your Organisation Ready to Interface With a Digital Future?
Preliminary Key Speakers and Sessions Include:

The EMEA Digital Transformation Summit management team is currently
finalising the speaker panel.
For any speaking, sponsorship, exhibition or attendance inquiries please email:


Sean Morgan
Director of Business

Michael De Jongh,
Chief Commercial

Dr. Khaled El Saadany
Executive Manager of
Grants & Innovation &
Technology Transfer

Prof. Klaus Haenszgen,
Faculty of Computer
Science, Mathematics &
Natural Sciences
HTWK Leipzig
(University of Applied
Sciences, Economics
and Culture)

Richard Nott
Global Projects,
Lloyd’s Register‎

Alessio Tarantini,
Implementing the Jordanian National Electronic Bill Delivery and
Payment Service “EBPPS”

  • Increasing payment efficiency for clients to focus on their main line of business.
  • Enhancing payment flexibility and increasing market attractiveness.
  • maximising convenience of access to satisfy client needs and enhance customer
  • How to enhance client brand promotion through the utilisation of the payment

Speaker: Nasser Saleh, CEO & Founder, MadfooatCom
Democratizing Blockchain Capabilities for Enterprise

  • Adding productivity enhancements and consortium-oriented identity management
    features to enable organisations to conduct business transactions via a
    blockchain networks.
  • How new DevOps capabilities make the oracle platform easier to integrate with
    existing business and IT systems.
  • Leveraging blockchain as an important data store in the enterprise, and enabling
    Autonomous Data Warehouse customers to transparently capture blockchain
    transaction history and current state data for analytics and to integrate it with
    other data sources.

Speaker: Thrasos Thrasyvoulou, Development Director EMEA Blockchain Strategy,
Higher Education System Development in the Digital Age and the
Development of Soft-Skills

  • Countering the soft skills gap and having truly t-shaped computer science
    graduates through the use of University – Industry collaborations.
  • Utilisation of structured internships.
  • How to leverage active learning to promote a student-centered environment.
  • How to effectively address the educational challenges of the rapid and
    unpredictable technological advances.

Speaker: Elpida Keravnou-Papailiou, Professor and Department Chair, Head of the
Computer Science Department,
Cyprus University of Technology
The Transformation of Learning, Teaching and Assessment by
Empowering Stakeholders Through ‘Smart’ Experiences

  • Education 4.0 defined.
  • Developing augmented reality tools for feedback.
  • Providing continuous formative and summative assessment monitoring and
  • Implementing learner biometrics evaluation for personalised learning experiences
  • Integrating learning analytics in teaching practices.

Prof. Georgios Dafoulas,
Director of Programmes & Progamme Leader - Computer
Science Department, Faculty of Science & Technology,
Middlesex University
Financial & Banking Services Special Keynote Extended Session & Discussion
Moving Artificial Intelligence Across the Entire Vertical of the Financial
Services Sector and Expanding the Use of Data and Analytics

  • Enabling banks and financial institutions to access and leverage real-time data to
    create personalization for each client at the right time, and with the right message.
  • Overcoming the challenge of building a strong personalized marketing platform at
    scale to unleash massive commercial opportunities given that financial
    institutions that deliver customers timely, relevant, and personalized messages
    build lasting loyalty and significant revenue growth.
  • How top-management can accelerate the creation of a strategic plan to create a
    more personalized yet digital customer experience and leveraging virtual agents
    to increase efficiencies at front-end customer service.
  • Using face recognition technology for regulatory requirements (KYC)
  • Facilitating a digital solution for end-to-end digital account opening, identification
    authorization and funding.
  • Enabling small business lending, where automated ‘near instant’ decisions will
    become the norm for the majority of loans.
  • Fostering innovation and partnership with fintech firms through Open Banking as
    banks open their IT infrastructures to third-party providers.
The Future of Automation in the Europe | Why Everything Will Be

  • How the pace of automation will increase
  • Why public sector organisations will follow divergent paths to automation
  • Understanding how automation will be democratised through global vendor
    education initiatives
  • Why organisational leaders will back RPA, as systems integrators seek a piece of
    the action
  • How Insurers can strike out for automation providing the path to AI, provided they
    have the fundamentals in place and know their end-to-end processes and

Speaker: Kedar Dani, VP and Head of Strategic Accounts, UiPath
Enhancing Connections and Relationships with Customers by
Removing Payment Obstacles

  • Payment flexibility as a valuable competitive advantage for merchants and
    enhance customers’ e-commerce buying experience.
  • How to integrate alternative payments in a quick and secure way.
  • Enabling consumers globally without the need of a credit card.
  • The value of offering local preferences of payment options.

Speaker: Abdulaziz Aljouf, Founder & CEO, PayTabs
Leveraging Digital Tools to Build and Consolidate Business Operations
and Customers

  • Marketing to the Rescue: Leverage Digital Opportunities to Mitigate Pricing
    Reactions and Stabilize Prices
  • Traveler Trends and Booking Behaviors: Actionable Data and Insights for
  • Optimizing content and user experience for a future in which half of all queries
    are voice-driven.
  • Taking a holistic approach to sales, digital and revenue optimization and an
    overriding component of a complete revenue strategy

Speaker: Elie Milky, Vice President Business Development, Radisson Hotel Group
The Future of Money | How Financial Institutions, Banks & Banking
Services Can Keep Pace with Digital Disruption by FinTech Innovators

Speaker: Jack Nikogosian, CEO, ARYZE | Denmark

Jack Nikogosian is a Danish blockchain expert with a vast knowledge of the
cryptocurrency space. He has worked with major players in the Danish crypto/payments
arena. With a great insight in terms of trends within cryptocurrency, blockchain
technology, digital payments and tokenisation Jack has the unique skill of being able to
combine new technologies. ARYZE is an award winning Danish company that uses
blockchain technology to build a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies in order to
provide instant value transfers at next to zero cost. |
See Video Here
09:00 Thursday 9th of May | Opening Sessions
17:30 | Conference Sessions Close
Conference & Exhibition  | 10th - 11th June 2020  | St Raphael Hotel |  Limassol  | CYPRUS