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"Organistational Implementation & Management of Automation and Data Exchange,
Cyber-Physical Systems & Security, IoT, Cloud and Cognitive Computing"

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Welcome to the
Europe, Middle East & Africa Digital Transformation Summit

The EMEA Digital Transformation Summit management team is currently finalising
the speaker panel.

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Is Your Organisation Ready to Interface With a Digital Future?

Digital technology now surrounds us both in our private and professional, and increasingly
affects every aspect of our interpersonal and the business worlds. Inevitably both private
and public sector organisations have been forced to either embark on a programme of
digital transformation or at least to begin to consider it as vital part of their future.

From making data-driven decisions, actionable analytics, operations, marketing,
communications and customer engagement - new digital tools and methods are completely
redefining the way businesses are operating.

Furthermore, the digital transformation and nature of B2C and B2B interactions are only
just beginning. While social media grows increasingly powerful in brand perception and
market penetration, new emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT and Machine
Learning are enabling organisations to explore new opportunities and to drastically reduce
costs through automation. The very nature of doing business is changing at a drastic pace
and organisations that fail to keep pace are more than likely to lose out to competitors that
utilise this new technology.

The European, Middle East and Africa Digital Transformation Summit will explore the
organisational impact of digital technologies and address the ways that business leaders
and technologists can engage and leverage new applications and processes to survive,
thrive and redefine their corporate ecosystems. The summit agenda invites C-level
executives, marketing, sales, technology and digital leaders, to gain critical insights,
actionable knowledge and make vital connections with experts that can define and/or refine
their organisation’s digital systems and strategy.

Central themes of EMEA Digital Transformation include:

  • Understanding the New IT & Digital Landscape, Business and Consumer Trends.
  • The Digital Communication Revolution: Keeping Pace With Digital Marketing, CRM,
    and Social Media Ecosystems.
  • Implementing New Digital Payment and Financial Technologies to Enhance Customer
    Retention and Growth.
  • Disruptive Tech: Definition and Utilisation of Blockchain, Chatbots, IoT, AI, and Voice
  • Maximising the Use of Data: Leveraging Analytics to Provide Insights to Optimise
  • Creating a Digital Culture and Expertise: Collaboration, Leadership, and Digital
    Manager Empowerment
  • Formulating an Organisational Digitlisation Strategy: Considering Corporate Culture,
    Process, and the Nature of Organisational Change.

The summit is a case-study driven event and is relevant to the finance, banking,
investment, tourism, education, retail and energy organisations and is co-located with
another 5-sector focused international conferences (see here for more details). The EMEA
Digital Transformation Summit is supported by the Cyprus International Business
Association and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2019 Key Speakers Included:    (See the key session outlines here)

  • Magdalena Mielcarz, Managing Director, EMEA Head of Channel & Enterprise
    Services Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi
  • Thrasos Thrasyvoulou, Development Director EMEA Blockchain Strategy, Oracle
  • Nasser Saleh, CEO & Founder, MadfooatCom
  • Kedar Dani, VP and Head of Strategic Accounts, UiPath
  • Morten Nielsen, CFO, ARYZE
  • Abdulaziz Aljouf, Founder & CEO, PayTabs
  • Sean Morgan, Director of Business Development, STR (UK)
  • Kedar Dani, VP and Head of Strategic Accounts, UiPath
  • Michael De Jongh, Chief Commercial Officer, Avvio
  • Dr. Martin Smith, Special Advisor, Ingenious Group
  • Arturo Lavalle, Director of R&D, Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
  • Dr. Khaled El Saadany, Executive Manager of Grants & Innovation & Technology
    Transfer Center, Alexandria University
  • Prof. Klaus Haenszgen, Faculty of Computer Science, Mathematics & Natural
    Sciences, HTWK Leipzig (University of Applied Sciences, Economics and Culture)
  • Arturo Lavalle, Director of Research & Development Department, Università degli
    Studi Guglielmo Marconi
  • Elfride Covarrubias, Development Manager - Mediterranean Region, DNV GL
  • Richard Nott, Global Projects, Lloyd’s Register
  • Alessio Tarantini, Manager, RINA
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